Atlanta, GA – On September 25, 2017, KEENAN JONES was found guilty of one count of Malice Murder, three  counts of Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Stalking, Exploitation and Intimidation of an Elder Person, Arson in the First Degree, Criminal Damage to Property in the First Degree, Simple Battery and Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime.

This 11-count conviction stems from two separate cases between the defendant and his mother, Arlene Tigner.

On June 6, 2014, Ms. Arlene Tigner entered her East Point home to find her unwelcomed son in her living room. An argument started between Ms. Tigner and the defendant. Ms. Tigner told the defendant to leave. The defendant then pushed her to the floor, went outside and started throwing “Molotov” cocktails at the front door. Ms. Tigner ran out of the home and used a neighbor’s phone to call 9-1-1.

East Point firefighters and police officers soon arrived. The home was completely engulfed in flames. When questioned by authorities, the defendant admitted to setting the house on fire. He was immediately taken into custody.

Six months later, on December 17, 2014, the defendant received a signature bond. The defendant was released from jail.

After being on bond from jail for merely three months, the second case occurred between the defendant and his mother.

On March 26, 2015, a plumber hired to help renovate the property, found Ms. Tigner’s body on the basement floor. The subsequent investigation revealed that defendant pushed himself into Ms. Tigner’s home. A struggle over Ms. Tigner’s car keys and wallet commenced. The defendant began to strike Ms. Tigner in her head, neck, and chest. After the deadly assault, Ms. Tigner had 25 fractures in her ribs and the Medical Examiner reported seeing damage to her heart and liver from the blunt force of the defendant’s strikes.

Multiple neighbors reported seeing the defendant in and around Ms. Tignor’s home the day she was murdered. The defendant was arrested on March 30, 2014, four days after Ms. Tignor’s body was found. At the time of his arrest, the defendant possessed Ms. Tigner’s driver’s license, social security card, MasterCard, EBT Card and Marta Breeze Card.

KEENAN JONES was sentenced to “life without parole” plus sixty-six years to serve in prison.

Superior Court Judge, Gary Brantley presided over this case. Assistant District Attorney, Jep Bendinger and Deputy District Attorney, Pat Dutcher represented the State. Investigator Adam Gardner and Bernice Higgins of the District Attorney’s Office assisted. Allyn Glover of the East Point Police Department served as the Lead Detective.