Atlanta-In the matter of Geary Otis v. The State, Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. states that this case involves the brutal home invasion and stabbing death of 76-year-old retiree, Mary Oliver. Mrs. Oliver, who had just returned from a birthday celebration with her daughter, was stabbed multiple times throughout her head and body. Additionally, the defendant assaulted a male retiree and an Atlanta Police Officer at the same complex with the knife used to murder Mrs. Oliver.

To hold that the State cannot try the Defendant because a Fulton County Judge declared a mistrial under the circumstances of this case is shocking to the consciousness of justice and fair play. Particularly, when we consider the court’s concurrent opinion written by Supreme Justice David Nahmias.

Justice Nahmias said, “It is apparent that the trial court in this case was striving to reach a fair trial.”

Such an outcome is beyond belief. We are filing an immediate request for reconsideration.

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