Defendant Kills Mistress’ Son in Argument over Extramarital Affair  

Atlanta, GA – Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, Jr. today announces a conviction by a Fulton County Superior Court Jury of CALVIN SNEED,52, for the February 13, 2017 murder of Gregory Jones.

On the evening of February 13, 2017, CALVIN SNEED picked up Antoinette Williams near the 3600 block of Croft Place in Atlanta where she lived with her son Gregory Jones. CALVIN SNEED was in a long term extramarital relationship with Antoinette Williams.

SNEED and Antoinette Williams took a drive in his car to buy alcohol then found a local park to drink.  They returned to Croft Place where they sat in the front yard. The two of them continued drinking alcoholic beverages.  Shortly after 10PM, Gregory Jones returned home with a friend he picked up from a local McDonald’s.  Upon arrival, Jones observed SNEED and his mother drinking in the front yard. This sparked an argument between Jones and his mother about her relationship with SNEED.  SNEED intervened and was told by Jones the argument was between him and his mother and that he should stay out of their argument.  During the altercation, Jones made it clear that SNEED was not welcomed at their home.  SNEED took offense to Jones’ words and pulled out his .32 revolver and shot him in the chest, piercing his heart.  After Jones fell to the ground, SNEED stood over him and shot him at least two more times.  He then fled the scene with the firearm.

Jones was transported to a local hospital where he died as a result of the gunshot wounds.  Jones is survived by five children between the ages of three and 11.

SNEED was arrested by College Park Police on February 20, 2017 after a friend reported him to police.

On November 16, 2017, CALVIN SNEED was convicted of the following charges:

  • Murder (Malice)
  • Felony Murder
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

He was sentenced to Life without the Possibility of Parole plus 15 years. CALVIN SNEED’S prior offenses include:

  • Auto Larceny – Tennessee 1985
  • Bank Robbery/Armed Robbery – Tennessee 1986
  • Robbery/Grand Larceny – Tennessee 1986
  • Aggravated Assault With Intent to Commit Murder – Tennessee 1989
  • Theft by Receiving Stolen Property – Cobb County, GA 2004
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon – Cobb County, GA 2015

Fulton County Superior Court Judge, Constance Russell presided over the case. It was prosecuted by Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney, Rodney Atreopersaud with support from Assistant District Attorney, Ryan Bautista and Investigator, Charles Martin of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Investigations Unit. Detective Jarion Shephard of the Atlanta Police Department led the initial investigation.