I. Commitment

The Office of the Fulton County District Attorney currently requires each Assistant District Attorney to make a commitment to remain employed with the office for a period of three (3) years. This commitment is necessary to maintain the high level of competence and expertise required to handle felony level prosecutions.

II. Your Career as an Assistant District Attorney

As a newly hired Assistant District Attorney, you will undergo a thirty (30) day training program in which you will be introduced to the basics of screening, filing and handling felony cases in the Superior Court of Fulton County. Upon completion of  this training, you will be assigned to the Complaint Room where you will put into practice the techniques learned as well as participate in the ongoing development of  this exciting new concept in the intake of criminal cases in Fulton County.

During this time you will also be expected to participate in a more intensive training program conducted by the Deputy District Attorney for Administration and Training. This program covers all aspects of criminal litigation. It also includes several “mock” trials that encompass areas such as voir dire, direct examination of witnesses and introduction of physical evidence, opening statements and closing statements. The training program is specifically designed to provide you with the tools needed to become a successful litigator.

Upon completion of your service in the Complaint Room, and having demonstrated that you are deserving of promotion, you will be assigned to the Non-Complex Trial Division. Non-Complex trial attorneys handle all felony cases involving drug, theft and weapon offenses, and all other lower level felony offenses. Once you have completed the training requirements within the Non-Complex Trial Division, you will be assigned to either the Standard Trial Division or to the Complex Trial Division where you will be assigned to handle serious felony cases before one of the sixteen (16) Superior Court judges currently sitting in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit. Here you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the handling of jury trials as well as general motions practice. The types of cases handled by our Assistant District Attorneys in the Complex and Standard Trial Divisions are serious felony crimes such as Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats, Burglary and other serious crimes.

Once you have demonstrated your abilities and expertise as a seasoned litigator in these divisions, you will become eligible for selection for one of the many specialized prosecution units maintained by our office. Attorneys in these units develop expertise in specific areas of criminal law and are expected to handle the most serious cases within those areas. A detailed description of these units can be found in the “Office Overview” area of this website.

III. The Selection Process and Salary

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office offers an extraordinary opportunity to obtain extensive trial experience while helping protect our community from crime. Positions as Assistant District Attorneys are therefore greatly sought after resulting in a selection process that is highly competitive. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be notified and interviewed by the District Attorney and two Deputy District Attorneys. The Office does hire attorneys without criminal law experience. However, it is expected that most applicants will have already achieved a sufficient level of trial and courtroom experience to enable them to handle felony level cases with a minimum amount of training. Salary is commensurate with experience.

IV. Applying For A Position

The current (minimum) starting salary for an Assistant District Attorney is $62,544.00 per annum. You must be licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and be a member in good standing with the Georgia Bar. Applications are accepted regardless of current open positions and are maintained for a period of one year. Please include a current resume, a cover letter outlining your experience relating to this position and your salary requirements. Resumes can be submitted under the careers heading and employment opportunities at https://atlantafultoncountyda.applicantpro.com/jobs/.