Burglary Task Force

Fulton County’s first Multi-Jurisdictional Burglary Task Force was formed in 2009 under the direction of District Attorney Howard. The initial goal of the initiative was to reduce burglaries throughout the County by 30-percent over the course of two years. The anti-burglary collaborative experienced early success in its infancy. In February 2010, the Task Force busted a two million dollar internet-based burglary ring. Three suspects were arrested for stealing high-end appliances from homes and selling them online for a fraction of their worth. The Task Force is comprised of officers from eight law enforcement agencies in Fulton County including the Alpharetta, Atlanta, East Point, Fulton County, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs police departments in addition to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office.

The burglary reduction strategy includes a public awareness campaign that centers on the theme, ‘Had Enough Already?’ capitalizing on the sentiment of weary residents and  business owners who have collectively grown tired of burglaries and the emotional and financial toll the crime has exacted on the community. In partnership with the Atlanta Police Foundation and Crime Stoppers Atlanta, reward money in increments up to $2,000 is offered for credible burglary tips or information regarding stolen property. Initial funding for the Task Force came from a $200,000 federal grant.