The first step to finding a solution to the problem of crime on Fulton Industrial Boulevard was to research initiatives that addressed similar issues as those plaguing FIB. It was during this research phase that DA Howard and his team of Community Prosecutors discovered three prominent New York-based programs that were making significant strides in the fight to reduce quality of life crimes in and around their respective neighborhoods. Midtown Community Court, Red Hook Community Justice Center and Bronx Community Solutions had each implemented community court programs that dramatically reduced crime and recidivism rates since 1993. Despite their initial challenges, these community courts made notable progress towards crime reduction and rehabilitation within their communities.

The direct correlation between the problems faced in the FIB area and problems addressed by the NY community courts, made establishing a community court on the Boulevard the most viable solution. So, on December 1, 2014, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office opened its first Community Court on the Boulevard, backed by the CID of South Fulton and the Board of Commissioners.

The FIB Community Court focuses solely on Fulton Industrial Boulevard, an area spanning a two-mile radius that is 95% industrial, 5% residential, and presents the most frequent incidences of crime. The court handles offenders of Quality of Life crimes, including, but not limited to: Criminal Trespassing, Loitering, Pandering, Possession of less than one (1) oz. of Marijuana, Prostitution, Public Drunkenness, Public Indecency, Theft, Soliciting Rides on the Roadway, Disorderly Conduct, Entering Automobiles, and Possession of Drug Related Objects. Customarily, “nuisance crime” offenders are arrested repeatedly, but are rarely held accountable for their offenses, nor are they provided any assistance or incentive to end their continual criminal activity.