Legal Lives was developed by District Attorney Howard following a visit to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York in 1993. Howard, then Fulton County Solicitor General, was inspired by an innovative educational program there called “Project Legal Lives.” Now in its 14th year, the program targets elementary students throughout Fulton County. The 15-week instructional program is led by volunteer prosecutors who teach 5th grade students lessons on civics and criminal law.

At the end of the course, students compete in a mock trial competition in which students perform as judges, lawyers, witnesses and law enforcement officers in the student adaptation of a real-life theft case. The program culminates in a trip to Washington, D.C. during the summer. Students have an opportunity to tour the White House and other historic sites in addition to interfacing with Congressional leaders. The 2012 Legal Lives program includes students from Atlanta Public and Fulton County schools including: Peyton Forest, Daniel H. Stanton, Parkside, F.L. Stanton, Seaborn Lee, Cliftondale, Stonewall Tell, State Bridge Crossing and Shakerag elementary schools.