Defendant attempted to rob the victim at gunpoint prior to the murder

Atlanta–Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr., announces the GUILTY PLEA to the charge of MURDER of 25-year-old JABRI MATHIS.

On April 3, 2015, at approximately 9:00pm, 50-year-old Gary Mincy was sitting his car in the parking lot of “Henry’s Pack-a-Sack” convenience store, located along Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in an area of Atlanta known as “The Bluff.” A short time later, Jabri Mathis approached Mincy’s vehicle to discuss a potential drug transaction. The entire incident was captured by the convenience store’s surveillance cameras. After Mathis approached Mincy’s window the two men engaged in a conversation. Mathis then stepped away from Mincy’s car and entered the backseat of a Ford Fusion which was parked in a spot near Mincy’s vehicle. Mathis then returned to Mincy’s vehicle, and the two men engaged in further conversation. Mathis opened the driver’s side door, brandished a 9mm handgun, and aimed it at Mincy’s chest in an attempt to rob the victim at gunpoint. Mincy placed his vehicle in reverse and tried to drive away. That’s when Mathis opened fire.

Mincy died at the scene as a result of gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. Mathis, meanwhile, entered the passenger seat of the aforementioned Ford Fusion and the unknown driver sped away from the scene. Mincy’s girlfriend, who later died of a drug overdose, ran toward the victim’s vehicle and yelled for help. Atlanta Police Crime Scene technicians found two 9mm shell casings near the driver’s side door.

Surveillance video from the convenience store was disseminated to the local media, and multiple CrimeStoppers’ tipsters called to identify Mathis as the shooter. Mathis’ mother and witnesses at the scene also identified Mathis as the assailant. The fugitive task force arrested Mathis on May 15, 2015, at a residence along James P. Brawley Drive in Atlanta. Mathis attempted to flee the home but was apprehended following a brief foot chase. Surveillance video showed Mathis wearing dreadlocks at the time of the murder, but when police apprehended the defendant one month later, he had cut them off in an attempt to drastically alter his appearance and avoid capture.


Mathis was sentenced to

(Plea was taken under Subsection (E) of Murder Statute which means 30-year sentence is non-parolable.)

 Judge Kevin Farmer, of the Superior Court of Fulton County, presided over the case. Senior Assistant District Attorney Brett Pinion led the prosecution of the case. He was assisted by Assistant District Attorney Shamma Iqbal, Investigator Bernice Higgins, and Victim-Witness-Advocate Shayla Teamer of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Detective J. Thorpe from the Atlanta Police Department was the Lead Investigator in this case.