1. Can charges be dismissed?

  • Charges are pursued, amended or dismissed at the discretion of the District Attorney's Office on behalf of the State of Georgia based on the facts and circumstances of a case, not by individual request.

2.  When will my case be scheduled for trial?

  • Trial calendars are scheduled at the discretion of the  Superior Court. Please contact the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office for further assistance at 404-613-5313.

3. Can my record be expunged?

  • Yes, in certain situations. However, you are not eligible if you have pled guilty or been convicted of a felony charge. Please visit the Expungements link on our website for more information.

4. I am a Defendant. Who is my Attorney?

  • Please contact the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office for further assistance at 404-612-5200.

5. I am a Victim. Which Prosecutor is assigned to my case?

  • Please contact the Record Room at 404-612-4942 for assistance.

6. Can I get something in writing showing that my charges are open and pending?

  • Yes. We would be happy to provide assistance. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information: 404-612-4887.

7. Where can I take out a Temporary Protective Order?

  • Please contact Fulton County’s One Stop Shop, 136 Pryor Street, 8th floor, Family Division.

8. Can I apply for a warrant?

  • Yes; with the Magistrate Criminal Warrant Division; 160 Pryor street,  1st floor, room J135.

9. Can the District Attorney’s Office (mail/fax) dispositions of cases?

  • No. A disposition of your case can be obtained from the Superior Court Clerk’s Office at 136 Pryor Street, 1st Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303. The telephone number is 404-613-5313.

10. Who can I speak with about Consumer Related problems?

11. Where do I send an open records request?
  • Open records requests from the media are to directed to
  • Open records requests from everyone else should be sent to