Victim served as a witness for California Police.

Atlanta–Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr., announces the MURDER AND PARTICIPATION IN CRIMINAL STREET GANG ACTIVITY convictions, by a Fulton County Superior Court Jury, of 30-year-old CHRISTOPHER LOCKETT, 23-year-old XAVIER GIBSON, 21-year-old QUATEZ CLARK, 27-year-old JOSHUA ROOKS, and 27-year-old JASPER GREEN.

On October 17, 2016, Christopher Lockett invited 33-year-old Christopher Dean to the Atlanta home of Xavier Gibson and his brother, 30-year-old Orlando Gibson. Dean was under the assumption that his visit to the Gibson home was to complete a drug transaction between himself and Lockett. The two men had completed similar transactions in the past; however, prior to this visit to the Gibson home, Lockett learned that Dean was once a police witness in California. Lockett and the members of his criminal street gang devised a plan to torture and murder Dean in an effort to show other gang members that working as a police witness would not be tolerated.

When Dean arrived at the Gibson home along Sandy Creek Drive in Atlanta on October 17, 2016, he encountered Lockett’s associates, Xavier Gibson, Orlando Gibson, Quatez Clark, and Joshua Rooks, who were all members of the same street gang. For over an hour, Dean was brutally beaten with a two-by-four and a crowbar. The defendants also sodomized the victim with a handle-like object, and seminal fluid was found inside Dean’s rectal cavity. Following the savage beating and torture, the defendants shot the victim twice in the back of the head.

Defendant Rooks then drove from the scene to a location along Markone Street in Atlanta to pick up Jasper Green and 25-year-old Lamar Almon. The three returned to the murder scene where Lockett paid Almon and Green to clean up brain matter and blood from the murder and to burn the victim’s body and his car. The original plan was to place Dean’s body in the trunk of Lockett’s car and drive the vehicle to a location and burn it. However, after witnessing the gruesome condition of the victim’s body, Green and Almon decided to leave Lockett’s car, with Dean’s body in the trunk, in the parking lot of the H.E. Holmes MARTA station in Atlanta. Atlanta Police recovered the body, and all seven defendants were later connected to the crime and arrested.

Following the Guilty verdict, Fulton County DA Paul L. Howard, Jr. said,

“In my opinion this murder – with its torture which included a brutal beating,  sodomy with a wooden or metal object, penile sodomy by one or ALL of the defendants, shooting of the victim to the back of the head and the partial decomposition of the body – represents the most horrific death in our County in recent history”

“My greatest fear is rather than our community focusing like a laser on the problem that is clearly at hand that we would make excuses, blame others and search blindly through the weeds for anecdotal, De Minimis, less compelling reasons for this violence, when the killers are obviously standing before us, in ritualistic coordinated colors, unmasked, unrepentant and looking to increase their territories and bounty through thefts and murderous violence. My greatest fear is that we would choose to do nothing and the violence would happen again and again.

LOCKETT, XAVIER GIBSON, CLARK, ROOKS, AND GREEN were convicted of MURDER, FELONY MURDER, PARTICIPATION IN CRIMINAL STREET GANG ACTIVITY, and OTHER RELATED FELONIES. Lamar Almon and Orlando Gibson will be tried, before a Fulton County Superior Court Jury, at a later time.  

 Lockett, Xavier Gibson, Clark, Rooks, and Green will be SENTENCED ON APRIL 19TH.    

 Judge Gail S. Tusan, of the Superior Court of Fulton County, presided over the case. Deputy District Attorney and Director of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Gang Suppression/Major Drug and Forfeiture Unit Cara Convery led the prosecution of the case. She was assisted by Assistant District Attorney Adam Petty, Investigator Tiffany Griffin, and Victim-Witness-Advocate Shayla Teamer of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Detective L. Whitestone from the MARTA Police Department was the Lead Investigator in this case.