Four defendants face life in prison if convicted

Atlanta—Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. announces the trial has commenced in the case of State v. FREDERICK CLARK, MARK SPENCER, JR., LIL’ CHE STAFFORD, and MAXX PRITCHETT  for the FELONY MURDER of 51-year-old JOSE RAMAN GREER.

On December 8, 2015, 23-year-old Frederick Clark, 23-year-old Mark Spencer, and 22-year-old Lil’ Che Stafford forcibly entered the apartment of Jose Greer on Oak Street in southwest Atlanta. As they attempted to pry the front door open, Greer stood on the balcony of his third-story apartment and relayed the events to a 911 operator. Greer told the dispatcher that he was going to leap from the balcony to escape the assailants who were trying to enter his home. Greer eventually followed through and jumped from the third-floor balcony to escape the intruders. When the first responding Officer from the Atlanta Police Department arrived, he found Greer lying on the sidewalk. The victim told the officer that he jumped from his balcony to evade the aforementioned home invaders. Greer died the next morning from blunt-force injuries.

Before Atlanta Police arrived, Clark, Spencer, and Stafford entered the apartment while 22-year-old Maxx Pritchett waited outside in a getaway car. The men ransacked Greer’s home and stole several items including the victim’s debit card and identification before leaving the scene. All of the defendants involved in this crime were well acquainted with each other.

Clark, Spencer, Stafford, and Pritchett are all standing trial for the charges of FELONY MURDER AND BURGLARY IN THE FIRST DEGREE. If they are convicted, they will be sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON.

Judge Shukura Ingram Millender, of the Superior Court of Fulton County, is presiding over the case. Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney Seleta Griffin is prosecuting the case. She is being assisted by Assistant District Attorney Rives Hiles, Investigator Rasheed Hamilton, and Victim Witness Advocate Ilona Rolack of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Former Detective Vincent Velazquez from the Atlanta Police Department was the Lead Investigator in the case.