Victim was known as one of the first “Tin Man” street performers in the country

Atlanta–Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr., announces the MURDER conviction, by a Fulton County Superior Court Jury, of 44-year-old LUCIANNA FOX.

On November 5, 2016, 54-year-old Leroy Midyette, a homeless street performer known as a “Tin Man” because of the silver paint he wore while performing, pushed his cart, which contained all of his belongings, along the access road that led into the parking lot for the Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA Station in Atlanta. Lucianna Fox was driving in the area at the time and stopped her vehicle in front of Midyette, at which point, she exclaimed that he needed to move his items out of the street. Midyette then motioned for Fox to drive her vehicle around him as he pushed his cart. Instead, Fox, enraged by Midyette’s suggestion, drove her vehicle into his cart. Fox then placed her vehicle in reverse and rammed the cart for a second time before driving off.

Midyette ran toward Fox’s vehicle as she waited at a nearby stop sign. Midyette confronted Fox about her previous actions. Fox then exited her vehicle, drew a silver handgun, and shot Midyette from two feet away. Fox placed the weapon upon the hood of her vehicle and waited for Atlanta Police to arrive. Midyette died at the scene after suffering a gunshot wound to the chest. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video. Fox was arrested at the scene.

Midyette was a product of the foster care system, and he did not receive a high school diploma. Midyette was homeless, but he earned enough money to survive. The victim traveled the country and performed as a “Tin Man,” which is someone who paints their face silver, wears silver clothing, and performs for tips based upon the enjoyment of his audience. When Midyette was shot he had just finished a day of performances, and he was pushing his cart, which carried all of his belongings, to the MARTA station which he rode frequently. Some of Midyette’s performances can be viewed within the attached link,


Fox was sentenced to
Life in Prison Plus 5 Years to Serve.

Judge Kevin Farmer, of the Superior Court of Fulton County, presided over the case. Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney Brett Pinion led the prosecution of the case. He was assisted by Assistant District Attorney Serreen Meki, Investigator Bernice Higgins, and Victim-Witness-Advocate Patricia Cardoso of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. Investigator A. Subasic from the MARTA Police Department was the lead investigator in the case.