Atlanta: The State of Georgia v. Fredrick Clark, Vas Coleman, Maxx Pritchett, Mark Spencer and Lil’Che Stafford will begin today, March 5, 2018, before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Alford J. Dempsey.

Each of the five (5) defendants are charged with the death of Jose Raman Greer. On December 5, 2015, the defendants broke in the front door of Mr. Greer’s Southwest Atlanta apartment. Mr. Greer retreated to his third-floor balcony to call 911. When the defendants became aware of his presence, Mr. Greer tried to flee – he lept from his balcony; ultimately, dying from the injuries he sustained.

The five (5) defendants are each charged with “Felony Murder” and two courts of “Burglary in the First Degree.” If convicted, each defendant may be sentenced to life in prison.