State vs. Yusuf Alkarim

Atlanta- Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. announces a conviction by jury trial in the murder case against an East Point man. Jurors returned guilty verdicts late Wednesday against Yusuf Alkarim on charges of Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault and Armed Robbery for the shooting death of Riyadh Nuriddin.

The incident happened on July 2, 2014 in the kitchen area of the Ikhlas Superb Seafood restaurant located at 2724 Sylvan Road in East Point. Alkarim was an employee of the restaurant and Nuriddin, the owner’s son, was the manager. The shooting occurred after business hours during an armed robbery. Alkarim, Nuriddin and Cortez Barnett were in the kitchen area tidying up and performing normal closing operations. Barnett, left on foot to purchase a beer at the gas station across the street. He walked back to the restaurant and heard a gunshot inside the restaurant. Alkarim immediately emerged and ordered Barnett back inside at gunpoint. When he entered, he saw Nuriddin lying on the floor with blood running from his head. Barnett was ordered by Alkarim to retrieve Nuriddin’s truck keys and load up the truck with fish and chicken from the freezer. Barnett complied and then saw an opportunity to escape. He ran across the street and called 911.

Later the next day, Barnett identified Alkarim in a photographic line-up. MARTA bus surveillance shows Alkarim exiting a bus at the street corner next to the incident location.

Following his conviction, Defendant Yusuf Alkarim was sentenced to life in prison by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter.

The case was prosecuted by Senior Assistant District Attorney Rodney Atreopersaud with assistance from Senior ADA Pat Dutcher and DA Investigator Thomas Webb. Detective S. Smith East Point Police Department led the initial investigation.

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